Car Rentals in Paros Greece

Frequently asked questions.

Yes indeed, we usually confirm your rental within a few minutes where you’ll receive a booking confirmation email with all the information required to collect your car. You can also send us an email to check the status of your rental. If in doubt, please contact us.
Yes, we offer baby or child car seats for hire. You can reserve child seats (and other extras) at the booking process, all extras are paid locally, directly on collection of the car.
It is not permitted to take a car out of Paros. Details can be found in the individual rental terms and conditions. There is a charge (payable on collection) for ferry crossing.
We can arrange delivery of your rental car at the locations available at the booking procedure. However you can contact us for details or special requirements.
There is a minimum age requirement of 21 to hire car at standard rates. 21 is a typical minimum age, however for some car categories 23 is the minimum age. You must have your license for at least 12 months.

When collecting your rental car, you will be required to provide the following documents;

  • Rental voucher (print copy required).
  • Valid Credit Card (in name of main driver) with sufficient available funds to cover the rental deposit.
  • Driving Licence – International Driving Permit may be required – check terms and conditions for your rental.
  • Photographic ID - passport etc.
Any additional required documents will be scheduled on your booking confirmation.
The rental excess will differ for different rentals and varies from car type. Typically, the higher the vehicle class, the higher the excess. We display the rental excess for every available rental under the ‘Terms and Conditions’ at quote stage, navigate to Deposits, Excess and Cover for full details. We will ‘pre-authorize’ or block the rental excess from your credit card on arrival so please ensure you have sufficient funds to cover the excess and any planned expenditure on your credit card.
To cancel an existing booking, contact us by email / phone to request. Please check for confirmation if applying by email to ensure your request was received and actioned. To receive a full refund you must cancel (and have confirmed) your booking outside of 48 hours of the pick-up time in the local time zone.
Once confirmed, your rental voucher will provide details of the location of the car delivery. This is also displayed at the quote stage with an address or ‘in terminal’ / ‘meet & greet’ if collecting from an airport. We will provide details on your rental confirmation.
As with most car hire suppliers, we cannot 100% guarantee the exact make and model of car that will be supplied. The makes and models shows are the most popular vehicles so most likely to be the supplied vehicle. In case we cannot offer the exact same, we will supply a car of equal or higher specification / class including passenger / luggage capacity.
If you need to amend or extend an existing booking before you have collected the car, please send us an email. If you have collected the car and need to extend, you can contact us by email or telephone.
Speeding fines will be passed onto the renter (often with a handling surcharge).
Parking fines will be passed onto the renter if received by us, again a handling charge is likely to be applied. You can contest parking fines as you would in your own car if you wish to get a discount for quick payment.
You may carry pets in rentals cars, however we would urge you to take care if carrying pets as any damage / excessive mess could be charged. We recommend you clean the car as best you can (inside and out) before returning.
Yes, you can avoid paying the rental excess by accepting our full insurance policy (often referred to as FDW or SCDW). This is a way of insuring against your rental excess.
We require a valid credit card in the same name as the rental with sufficient available funds to cover the excess deposit.